Mid-Century 1960s Time Capsule Home in LA Is Full of Psychedelic Energy

Mid-Century 1960s Time Capsule Home in LA Is Full of Psychedelic Energy

Walk through many of the most coveted neighborhoods in Los Angeles and you are bound to find your fair share of Mid-Century Modern homes. Characterized by their asymmetrical layouts, large windows, and sleek lines, they are hard to miss. While a lot of these vintage abodes still sport their original bones and structures, the original interior charm has been depleted to make way for new and improved fixtures, materials, and colors.

But one home in the desired Laurel Way in Beverly Hills, 90210 just went on the market, and it's the ultimate step back in time. According to Alison Martino (@vintagelosangeles) it's been in the same family since 1972 and from what we can see it doesn't look like they've changed a thing. 

A 1960s Time Capsule Home

Upon walking up to this abode you'll immediately recognize the sleek lines that make up most mid-century modern homes. The entrance to the home sports a vintage wood door and clean tiles in addition to glass panels that are just the beginning of the character of the home. 

A Look Inside

Take a step inside and you'll see the vintage tile and wood continues throughout the home. The walls are lined with a mix of wood, glass, and wallpaper that is said to be original to the space. Bright blue shag carpet covers the floor of the living room and meets with the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on to the pool and multi-million dollar views from the Canyon to Downtown to the Ocean and beyond. Next to the living room is a small indoor courtyard equipped with plants and colored beads that scream the 60s.

Peace, Love, and Lots of Wallpaper

We've all read about the interior style that swept the country in the 60s and 70s, but unless you lived in that era, you can't really imagine the full effect ... until now! The three-bedroom three-bathroom home puts today's maximalists to shame. Bedrooms sport optical illusion wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling multi-colored rainbow carpeting, and bold patterns like we've never seen before. From the bold purple shag carpet in one bedroom to the red carpet that meets matching red wallpaper in another room, this home is the epitome of the counterculture era. 



Originally published in dengarden.com
Text by Madison Freeman

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