Parkside Residence

Balancing Midcentury Inspiration with Contemporary Design

Parkside Residence

In a quiet residential neighborhood of Adelaide, Australia, is the Parkside Residence a modern home that beautifully blends the past and the present. 

The architect, Ashley Halliday, took inspiration from the traditional surroundings, where 19th-century-style villas and green spaces are common, to create a family home that’s both genuine and innovative.

One standout feature of this home is its unique design, which consists of two hut-shaped buildings. These structures resemble the pitched roofs of the nearby houses but are constructed using steel and glass to give a sense of simplicity and lightness. 

The two buildings are arranged at right angles to each other, creating spaces in between, like garden corridors. These outdoor areas offer a variety of views and a dynamic experience as you move through them.

The connection between the inside and outside spaces is another a crucial aspect of this project. Large windows can be completely opened up, removing the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Inside, the ceiling is covered in Tasmanian oak which adds a sense of warmth, proportion and give character to the different rooms. The color scheme predominantly features neutral natural colors, inspired by the surroundings. 

Light plays a significant role in the design. The ample glass windows allow it to flood into the spaces, particularly in the areas at the back of the house, away from the street. The bedroom area, instead, is more private offering a retreat from the outside world.

The Parkside Residence reflects the balance between design and functionality, old and new. It’s a modern home that’s designed to be timeless, taking inspiration from the past and setting the stage for the future.


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