We Asked Interior Designers to Predict Summer's Biggest Home Design Trends—Here's What They Said

We Asked Interior Designers to Predict Summer's Biggest Home Design Trends—Here's What They Said

We’ve put away our pink blazers (hello, Barbiecore), retired our dreams of spending the warm months in Italy living a tomato girl summer (at least until next year), and hung up our oversized linen and roomy white slipcovers (just kidding, we’re never giving up on the coastal grandmother aesthetic). 

But what will be the next big "-core" of summer 2024? Can something bold overtake cottagecore? Or are we destined for another year of chintz, vintage lace, and dainty oil paintings? With trends flying by as quickly as the talk of TikTok getting banned, it’s anyone’s guess. But we asked designers for their predictions, and here are the aesthetics they say to look out for.

Surf Cottagecore: Beachy Casual

"I think this summer's trend is going to be surf cottagecore," says Bethany Adams, Principal Interior Designer of Bethany Adams Interiors. Just in time for warm summer breezes and the smell of saltwater in the air, Adams reports seeing more dark olive tones with blonde wood, evoking a cool, casual surf cottage vibe. Think of the look you’d expect when you see an old woody station wagon with a surf rack on top parked outside of a cedar shake cottage. You peer inside, and it’s effortlessly stylish, with a minimalist, utilitarian look that feels both warm and light.

Shaolin Low, CEO of Studio Shaolin, echoes the beachside sentiment. "I’ve been watching the series The Summer I Turned Pretty, and I’m loving the nostalgia and charm of romanticizing living in a small coastal town," she says. She’s turning to breezy linens, woven textures, and natural materials like rattan and driftwood to get this cool-girl aesthetic. "This look has furniture with clean lines, stripes, and a laid-back vibe. I’m picturing lazy days spent by the shore, a salty breeze, and the treasure of living in seasons, so you can truly appreciate the glow of summer," Low says.

"Even when the look is incredibly luxe, there's this undercurrent of California-casual to it, like you could just come in from the beach all sandy and put your feet up on the incredible live-edge modernist coffee table," says Adams. Throw on your jean shorts and start clearing the clutter because, as she explains, this is a place where the beers are always chilled, the woods are bleached and matte, and the mood is ultra-relaxed.

Nostalgiacore: Cozy Vintage

The love for secondhand and vintage isn’t going anywhere, but now it’s also extending past décor into a look that’s intentionally lived in—and it's all about nostalgia. Think of your grandma’s home with a homemade afghan and several family portraits but without the doilies. You want this space to feel broken in, comfortable, and welcoming. It’s a home that feels like a hug. 

"The collected, layered look is having a major moment for summer 2024," says Mimi Meacham, founder and principal Designer, Marian Louise Design. "This is prints on prints on prints, art hung on wallpaper, drapes over shades, and beautiful collections displayed prominently."

Put away your minimalist sensibilities and pull out the milk glass, layer a few textiles, and don’t be afraid of displaying a figurine or two. It’s all part of that collected, pattern-filled style. "The goal is achieving that layered, luxe, 'lived-in-for-generations' look,” says Meacham. 

Colorcore: Vibrant Sunset Hues

Color has been making a comeback for a few years now, and it’s headed in several directions this summer. "We're going to see a break from the neutral overload of years past," says Aimee Meisgeier, principal and lead designer of AM Interior Design.

But this break isn’t just dipping a toe in vibrant hues—it’s throwing the paintbrush in and going full saturation. Brilliant cotton candy sunsets are going to be a huge design trend this summer, according to Vani Sayeed, principal of Vani Sayeed Studios. "We’re going to see bursts of radiant colors in a happy transition of hot pinks, sky blues, and yellow golds with a mix of shapes and patterns," says Sayeed.

Meanwhile, Meisgeier expects to see color drenching go bigger and bolder. "Vivid color drenching brings visual excitement to an area, and we’ll see more play with finishes and sheens of materials and paint, which adds depth and dimension to the trend," she says.

These colors will also include deep, saturated colors like turquoise, magenta, and even royal purple. "Experiment with these gem tones to create a dynamic atmosphere. This is an opportunity to mix and match different hues to add character to a space," says Victoria Holly, Interior Designer with Victoria Holly Interiors.

The bottom line here? Start having fun with color again, and don’t be afraid to go bold!


Originally published in marthastewart.com
Text by Heather Bien


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