Etsy's summer trend forecast is filled with home decor inspiration – from Western style to spring florals

Etsy's summer trend forecast is filled with home decor inspiration – from Western style to spring florals

If you're looking for some home decor inspiration for the summer months ahead, Etsy has you covered. Unveiling a first-of-its-kind trend guide, the online marketplace has shared a selection of the biggest trends set to lead the way this summer. 

Having garnered insights from shopping search data, these emerging trends are informed by leading cultural influences, linking closely to this year's biggest interior design trends

We spoke to the brand's very own trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, who talks through how these trends translate to interiors. From Western decor to a return to spring florals, these home decor ideas cover so many styles, and we've included some of our favorite pieces for you to shop. 


Rom-com interiors cement the shift from 'sad beige' home decor toward personality-led spaces inspired by '90s nostalgia. This color-centric trend is about homes feeling cozy and reminiscent of pre-social-media days: think bookshelf wealth and vintage furniture. 

In the last few years, we’ve seen a barge of beige, but now a renaissance of color is sweeping our homes,' says Dayna. 'Incorporating classic natural woods with pops of pastel colors creates a warming feel that anyone will love.

Another great way to add a pop of color is through rugs, with so many different varieties, shades, and colors they easily match any aesthetic. Whether it's turquoise trinket dishes or peach throws, bringing color back into your space is an easy way to breathe life back into your home.


Most fittingly for this time of year, Etsy observes appeal around garden-inspired home decor, incorporating flower motifs into interiors to bring the outdoors in. 

Spring is the time for nature to flourish, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing a love for florals,' says Dayna. 'Florals have long been a popular style trend but we are now seeing more flower-inspired decor. This includes floral patterned plates to rose candles – they are such an easy way to incorporate the great outdoors into your home!


Culinary influence has taken the spotlight in TV, film, and culture, and this food-focused trend reflects this phenomenon,' explains Dayna. 'It's a celebration of culinary creativity and a nod to the joy that food brings to our lives.

In interiors, we're already seeing plenty of focus this year on kitchen trends. From bringing the coffee shop to our own homes with cafe corner ideas to turning back to traditional kitchen ideas in the form of modern-day sculleries and pantries, there's endless appeal right now for boosting the functionality and style of these hard-working spaces. 


Old-school textiles are returning to our homes this year: think crochet, quilts, and embroidery. Placing focus on quality craftsmanship through handmade items, these textiles reinforce the popularity we're seeing right now around decorating with vintage

Dayna predicts appeal for maximalist patterns and unexpected color combinations, across this array of textiles. This year we’ll continue to see stripes, but with a bolder approach. Think of clashing color combinations, or pairing stripes with different decorative patterns, like florals.


Western decor celebrates all things rustic, and it's a style that's making a comeback across the world of interiors. While in its true form, Western interiors relate to ranch-style homes and rural living, nodding to this core American style through smaller decor can bring this casual aesthetic into your home. 

'Cowboy-inspired styles are having a major moment and shoppers are turning to cacti to add a touch of Western flair to their homes,' explains Dayna.

'To achieve this look in your home, combine a neutral color palette and furniture with natural finishes, such as rattan or wood, alongside natural fabrics such as linen. Sticking to neutral colors will keep everything cohesive, but you can easily add a sense of fun and playfulness to your space with animal print and cowboy-inspired prints.

These defining trends for summer 2024 cover so many design styles, and we're already seeing these themes embraced by designers.


Originally published in Homes & Gardens
Text by Emily Moorman
Photos by Aimée Mazzenga



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