A Journey into Sustainable Mid-Century Modern Living

A Journey into Sustainable Mid-Century Modern Living

The home, a 3,250 square foot building, has been revived with a second-story addition and a comprehensive remodel, paying homage to its mid-century origins while embracing modern sustainability and design.

The exterior is clad in sustainably harvested Western Red Cedar, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly materials. This choice extends beyond aesthetics, contributing to the home’s overall sustainability narrative. The roof, designed for optimal solar panel placement, reinforces the residence’s dedication to green living.

The interior is defined by a striking thirty-foot skylight that stretches across the home, marking the intersection of old and new. This feature bathes the interior in natural light, enhancing the open floor plan of the lower level, which includes communal spaces like the living room, kitchen, and an outdoor deck.

The kitchen serves as a central hub, linking the various areas of the home while offering views of the surrounding landscape. 

Diagonal axis established by glass sliding doors ensures a seamless flow between the indoors and the outdoors, encouraging interaction with the natural environment.

Moving to the upper level, the primary bedroom and bathroom continue the theme of connectivity, with large windows framing the forested landscape. This private retreat maintains the home’s airy and light-filled aesthetic, providing a sanctuary that is both part of the landscape and distinctively set apart.

Throughout the house, sustainable technologies are carefully integrated. Features like a grey water system, native landscaping, and eco-friendly building materials underscore the home’s modern, conscious approach to living. 


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